issues in quality management

which contemporary issues in quality management we face?

What is a Quality Issue?

During the generation or development phase of a product or service, there are a number of variables which have to be well identified from the beginning of the process in order to seek the greatest control in terms of detractors or discrepancies that may arise.

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The result of the variation or problems that become during the production phase or the start-up of a service, are considered as defects, deficiencies or variations according to the desired results. In turn, there are another series of elements which do not add value in the process phase, and have an adverse effect on efficiency, inventory flow, delivery times, inventory levels, among others.

The first thing to keep in mind is to identify those sources of variation to eliminate them, so that they do not affect the process, for lean methodology tools they are a great ally.

Point out a few issues in quality management...

To point out some of the factors related to quality management that affect efficiency in an organization, we can mention:

1.- The management culture or structure of isolated elements by departments.

Is here where the different areas that make up an organization act for individual objectives, without considering the organization as a system, in which each of the parts or departments that make it up automatically integrates restrictive factors that limit the improvement in efficiency or effectiveness.

2.- Lack of vision or commitment from top management to provide additional resources and elements when required by the system.

Quality management in the Senior manager minds, in most cases tends to go into the background, where the priority focus is on a wrong guideline emphasized in the operation, in daily management, where the quality aspects from their perspective are less important, and less relevance.

3.- Total quality management inconsistent with the organization's policies.

A total quality management process must go on line with the established objectives, this must be the most strategic and appropriate for the company, in such a way that the policies and objectives set are in accordance with the quality management system.

4.- Resistance to innovation in technology.

Companies do not always know how to adapt, and they are also usually slow when it comes to forecasting which technologies will be successful.

Currently, these technological changes are very fast, unexpected, sometimes difficult to forecast. The arrival of disruptive technologies is more common. Artificial intelligence plays a decisive role and it will be increasingly so in the short term, therefore the integral processes of the organization must know how to adapt to these changes, for example companies such as Nokia, Kodak, Blockbuster and many more, some have even been affected and have even disappeared.

5.-Complexity in the supply chain.

The supply chain, as well as the strategic management of raw materials and finished product inventory, play a crucial role in the cost, therefore it must be integrated into lean models, with a greater focus on reducing costs at the same time, of more structural processes depending on the customer.

There are other factors of equal relevance that must be related to the quality management system.

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