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Have you ever been in the situation that, despite having sufficient resources to carry out an activity, including materials, equipment, people, among other factors, you find yourself with the detractor of not locating a certain essential item for the start-up of this activity?

This and other series of situations can be solved with tools of the lean methodology, among them 5S's.

5S in Total Quality Management is a topic that we will address in order to point out one of the advantages of having Advanced Lean Training, as well as understanding all about quality management supporting those Contemporary issues in Quality Management, with the integration of knowledge necessary for guide the organizations towards Management Excellence.

5s, quality assurance key tool

5S's in Total Quality Management is a key tool of lean manufacturing, currently fused in the Lean Six Sigma environment with a focus on business excellence. The objective of the system is to design, develop and establish an efficient system through its elements: Sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain, through the organization of work elements and intuitively designed processes and procedures. By involving employees in the program, work activities become standard in routine practices.

5S's promotes an organized visual workplace where standardized procedures improve worker productivity, quality, safety and attitudes, which can increase profitability and elimination of waste. The main objective is to increase profitability, achieving better efficiency in all the implicit aspects of an organization, project or specific area.

Analyzing the materials that InArtifexYou & partners presents from a simple perspective, we enunciate the advantages of obtaining advanced lean training understanding everything related all about quality management, in relation to contemporary issues in quality management. We offer programs of international scope with certification endorsed by the Council for Six Sigma Certification (C.S.S.C) and other strategic links. This will allow you to have a domain factor in projects and experiential situations, so that you obtain the expected results due to greater profitability, better traceability, speed up response times and everything that implies maximizing results while safeguarding your operation in based on greater integration with customer needs.

     Set in order

A good implemented system offers the possibility of several important achievements:

  • Improved Efficiency: Less waste to the elimination of clutter and a better level of organization.
  • Marketing application: Due to the knowledge of competitive areas of the company based on the product or service and the use in sales pitches and as a means to gain customer trust.
  • Shortened of production time: Due to intelligent and ergonomic handling of items and equipment.
  • Less Delays: Due to better organization of the workspace and easier location (Applicability in productive areas, services and of any kind) of necessary tools or documents.
  • Energy and equipment lifetime savings: Due to increased efficiency.
  • Higher quality: Due to the standardization of work processes, maintenance of workplaces and risk reduction.

Companies that have implemented a correct 5S's system have reduced the waste of raw material prior to the process by 25 to 30%, as in the process itself, in the same way in packaging areas and in other areas such as logistics.

Depending on the robustness of the operation, the sensitivity of the materials, and the type of company or project, this can represent a fairly significant figure in financial savings.

In the programs we offer you, 5s training included among other complementing tools. Is how many of those organizations and entrepreneurial leathers have being inspired.  You also have access to this knowledge.

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