lean expert training 

training to be a lean expert

Who has not faced the need to do something strategically, agile or flexible, and by certain types of detractors it is not possible according to the desired objective?

From the simple application to improve efficiencies, reduce the flow time in the value chain, make the conversion flow of a company, project more efficient, among many other applications, having knowledge of the tools that the Lean philosophy can offer us. In terms of knowledge, there are many advantages that can be derived.

Lean is a philosophy focused on the generation of value, oriented on the elimination anything that does not add value to the final product or service.

Lean under the DMAIC methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, implies doing more with fewer resources with the strategic use of time.

Having a lean expert training will allow you to sensitize the evaluation of total quality management with accurate indicators. It is essential to start from the customer’s own approach as a trigger, since on many occasions we pursue objectives that we determine as elementary for quality, but not in the voice of the customer; is for this reason that linking the lean methodology with a different view of objectivity will condition to give an assessment with greater appreciation towards what the client looks for in quality and how he appreciates it based on what we offer.

With this appreciation, we can begin to orient the “define”, one of the cycle phases from the lean model, in which we condition assessment tools and quantitative-qualitative assessment to give an orientation towards the direction that we must act around quality, it is this in such a way that by identifying what is crucial for the client and for which reason we begin to weigh, it will allow us to pursue specific goals.

The lean expert training, offers a more strategic assessment of how we should orient quality based on specific objectives and how we should be giving that orientation in an eloquent way, having that traceability that is necessary to know where we are and where we are directing the objectives. Course towards quality, in such a way that by achieving transcendent results we can in the same way channel the incredible service. 

So that, the client can give a categorization of what is well done with the least effort and avoiding waste such as time, material resources and money. both with the desired efficiency.

A lean management expert is the responsible for the strategic deployment of the Lean philosophy within an organization. Its main task is to promote and support improvement activities in all commercial and operational areas of your company, as well as suppliers and customers, thus involving all project stakeholders. This is also a function in projects of a personal nature or small-scale projects.

a trained Lean expert will...

Mentor and support the teams of other members and project leaders.

Help implement metrics and dashboards of the company, in order to control and evaluate each change within the strategy of continuous improvement of the processes.

Develop, maintain and review the lean environment of the organization, provide training and select the other professionals who will work to implement the methodology.

He will perform networking functions with other experts on the subject, to be up to date with the latest Lean trends and other complementary methodologies such as Theory of Constraints, Project Management Professional, Scrum, RedEx, APICS, among others.

In relation to the lean manufacturing management, the indicated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) being tracked encompass every conceivable form of waste in an operating process and into the business, so omission of even one can allow waste to hide. If the organization already has KPIs with which it is comfortable, and they cover all the recommended ones (or can be revised to do so), this is equally satisfactory.

All levels of the organization shall show commitment to the Lean management system (LMS). Management shall earn the workforce’s commitment by setting appropriate performance measurements and by participating actively and visibly in the Lean program.

Engagement and follow-up should be a common goal.

We invite you to follow and cover our training programs (coming soon), give us the pleasure of supporting you.