does total quality management work?

Yes... total quality management Does work!

One of the basic aspects of any company, organization, and it should also be individually, is to generate profitability, as the business maxim indicates: "Business that does not generate profit, is not business", in such a way that the strategically to achieve this goal is to understand how well we are evaluating if does total quality management work. 

The quick and immediate way would be to work on a certain aspect waiting for results, but as we well know things do not work or they become like this, we must generate the most appropriate scenario so that the expected result comes to fruition, understand how the evaluation of total quality management must be audited is something that we must know how to integrate to that series of results that we are looking for.

Does total quality management work? actions:

The following actions are decisive for the total quality system of an organization to produce results:

1.- Define the organization's quality goals within the framework of its mission, that is, in relation to corporate values, the business model and its competitive priorities.

2.- Develop the quality strategy of the organization, within the framework of the business strategy.

3.- Deploy the quality strategy, planning the necessary actions and allocating the required resources to develop quality policies and programs (which make the quality cycle operational, from the quality of conception to the quality of service) and achieve the current objectives. - established.

4.- Design the organization of the quality function, establishing the necessary units within the organization chart, assigning the functions and responsibilities that each member of the organization assumes and coordinating all efforts in order to execute quality planning.

Does Total Quality MAnagement Work? Yes Think through these 8 steps

5.- Establish the Quality Management System of the organization, which allows documenting all the processes and results.

6.- Promote a quality culture in the organization, including the necessary changes to encourage quality leadership, a structure and management of human resources adjusted to the principles of Total Quality Management.

7.- Promote the quality training plan for all members of the organization, as well as for its other internal and external stakeholders.

8.- Verify the effectiveness of the decisions and actions taken, evaluating the results and establishing the appropriate corrective measures.


There must be a commitment from the Directorate in the case of an organization, or in the case of a particular project, there must also be an adequate follow up to the lean change management. 

The lean change management must be an ally to substantially improve and understand does total quality management works or the changes for improvement that we must generate in it.

In those conditions, current management systems such as ISO 9001 based on a quality management system but under the requirements of this standard itself, such as resources, work processes, policies, objectives, which meet a series of requirements that organizations must comply to be approved under said international management system.

Like a process-based management system, it requires a support of historical and current information on how the inherent improvement in the organization has settled, and with it, how it will derive in future actions with the aim of supporting the improvements required to safeguard the processes and the quality of the organization, for the benefit of the client and itself, in order to make it profitable, effective and objective, and improve how does total quality management works.

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