service and quality management

service and quality management is key to your business

Is quality and service management a key indicator in your business?

On a large scale, the crisis that we are currently going through caused by a global event such as Covid 19 has put a large number of sectors to the limit, and Services has perhaps been one of the most affected, in addition to being the one that presents an uncertain scenario with higher demands.

The crisis has already had a broad economic and labor market impact,

both in supply (production of goods and services) and in demand (consumption and investment).

For such a situation, what is required is a strategic model that allows redirecting the results with a vision towards precision and quality services.

 importante of quality in the organizations of services

The process of managing the quality of services delivered to a customer according to his expectations is called Service Quality Management.

The quality of the service is the conformity of the service provided with the specifications and expectations of the customer. Service organizations should

determine what benefits customers expect to receive and trying to produce the services that can fulfill and if possible, exceed your expectations.

Quality service rarely goes unnoticed, but in the provision of quality services, the most it is difficult to go from saying to doing. Can be highlighted the poor quality of many services, for example, it is increasingly common for airplanes to arrive with

delay, slow or inefficient service in a restaurant, among another alternate range of examples to be able to point out.

To improve quality, the company must understand first, how customers judge quality from service. Its intangibility makes the quality of the service is difficult to assess, and it is precisely because this those customers make quality judgments based on how the service is provided.

Lean Service

There are several models to manage service quality such as the service quality model: Servqual, the service performance model: Servperf (Cronin & Taylor), the multidimensional hierarchical model (Brandy & Cronin), however considering the delicate situation it faces in the service sector, what is required is a model of excellence according to this modern systemic vision, in which the voice of the customer is selectively analyzed to face the challenges in the most strategic way. That model is: Lean Service.

The Lean Service strategy clearly leads us on the path to Excellence.

However, there are still few Service companies that have adopted the Lean strategy, but those that have done so clearly and decisively, have demonstrated their ability to improve their competitiveness and achieve results.

Lean Service benefits:

The application of this methodology serves to design and execute high quality service, with a highly motivated work team.

When Lean Service is applied in an organization or in some service process, sales-related revenue is expected to increase, as well as evidenced a reduction in costs, which will benefit the organization, and allow it to position itself in the market, improving its image, so that it is a suitable space to work and improve your profits.

Some of the benefits that can be expected from implementing Lean Service:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Significant reduction in attention time.
  • Increased power to provide services.
  • Improvement in the satisfaction of people who work in services.
  • Reduction in service costs.
  • Improved market share.

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