Great Community and Awesome Certifications!!!!

by Juan
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I signed up for the Green Belt class online course a while back. Although I was a little skeptical about it, just because of everything that was going to be covered; to my surprise as the classes went by, week after week, and the homework and examples were flowing, along with real time discussions among the community taking the class, my point of view started to change. More than a year after I took the class and still using everything that was thought on it, I cannot thank the InArtifexYou team/community for being there, not only during the class, but after regular class days or hours. They really went above and beyond reassuring that what was thought on the class, was learned, and help you realize all the things you can put it to work at your job and everyday routine. Thank you guys you surely won a true follower of the courses and certifications you offer and of course a member of the community for life.

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Mar 17, 2022
Thank you!
by: InArtifexYou Team

Thank you for your comment, Juan! We believe that these tools are also a pathway to community building. The space to share experiences and discussions in how we interpret and utilize these tools makes our community great and provide the added value to the training. We also believe in the continuous improvement and the continuous learning these tools provide; by themselves and through our community.

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